8 Steps of Transformation to Create a New Self:


Your Life



Step 1:
Introduction & Commitment

When you become conscious that real change happens when you commit yourself to let go of the excuses that anchor you is when you can regain control of your life.

In this first step you will further understand the program's purpose.

You'll check the reasons for wanting , for inspiring you to do a personal growth and this 8-step plan. This is the most passionate, wondrous way to live life. Reveal to yourself what you want to be, to do, to create or to give - without any limitations. 

Plan and realize your personal commitment and use of a calendar to schedule  the steps to follow.



Step 3:
Cleaning The Garbage From The Past 

It's your chance to make an honest observation and review in detail the current status of each of your different areas of life: family, home, health, work, relationships, & finance.

You will have the opportunity to reflect on each of these areas and view them from an objective perspective. 

At this stage you will write an inventory of what we call emotional and mental garbage. Any farmer knows soil must be as healthy as the seed for the crop to prosper. You can't grow a healthy dream in toxic soil.  Even the best dream cannot survive if it is planted in soil that is toxic with resentment. Everyone has forgiveness work to do - it's a mental, emotional and spiritual practice that opens the doors of perception and frees us to live a life worh living. 

Your disposition in recognizing the thoughts and emotions that do not benefit you is fundamental to releasing and letting go.  If you want to move forward and walk into a future unencumbered and clean, you need to learn true forgiveness, and letting go of past experiences and beliefs that anchor you.


You will be offered the exercises to this step in a clear and structured format. 

Step 2:
Defining Your Vision 


The vast majority of people cannot answer the question, "What is your dream?" Can you? People tend to think about what is possible based on their current circumstances.  They can't see a different future. Reorient your thinking so that you can really explore possibilities - and set your focus on what you really want.  

Most of us have limiting perceptions about ourselves that create doubt about the possibilities, but once you understand that you are not your body (you have both) - but you are a spiritual being having a human experience; then you can see the truth emerge and begin moving forward toward your dream. 

The truth is that you have absolutely unlimited capacities. You limit them with your own thinking and your own perceptions, but once you can change your thinking, you can change and create whatever you want in your life. 


Step 4:
Healing and Internal Release

Spiritual healing step, offering the release of emotional pain, mental patterns and destructive beliefs that you generated when you experienced past conflicts and situations. These experiences that you could not understand or accept that require forgiveness to yourself and others. To accept yourself heartedly lets you, reconnect with your inner self and return to peace.

This is a session of deep forgiveness and healing. You will be guided through a meditation and a Reiki, energy healing session to release destructive internal bonds and agreements made ​​unconsciously in your past.  A deep healing lets you clear your energy field, which may have been blocked consciously or unconsciously and has resulted in destructive thoughts and feelings about yourself or others, diminishig the vital function of organs and cells, causing tensions physically, emotionally and mentally.


Time to open your heart to the healing power of God and the essence of LOVE.