"Shift your focus and shift your life" 


This is an 8 step program of personal change, growth and transformation. Is a private work between  Birgit Hefler and the person doing the program. 


In this training you will learn to:


  • Rediscover yourself and reconnect with a life purpose to fill you with joy.

  • Forgive yourself and forgive others. Free your mind of the past and the emotions and attachments associated with them. 

  • Design a personal vision and a plan of action that will allow you to create harmony in your different areas of life: Health, Money, Work, Relationships, Creativity and Social Relationships.

  • Establish new patterns of thought that will provide prosperity and peace.

  • Commitment to yourself.  Establishing a monthly maintenance to keep your mind and your emotions healthy and proper habits that will direct you towards the purpose that truly make you happy.



Approximate training:  2 to 4 months


Once you register in the program, you will have 8 meetings 1hr and 30min each with Birgit Hefler either in person if you're in the city of Miami, or remotely via telephone or skype. Each meeting will be a personalized training. The continuity of the meetings will be established at the first session according to what your process requires. It is usually performed weekly or every 15 days. After each session you will be provided with forms that will facilitate the development of each stage. You will be given assignments, readings, and specific exercises that will prepare you for the next phase. Each stage is a link that will give you the knowledge and tools to make a quantum leap in your life and achieve your personal transformation.


* This program requires your commitment and continuity.


"To come out of your comfort zone requires valor and true desire. Asking for help and wanting to improve requires humility and commitment.


Sometimes it seems easier to help others than ourselves. It seems easier to advise, than to make our own changes.


It's just when you make a firm decision to take care of yourself and take consistent steps in this direction, when you can truly evolve. "










Your Greatest Self