Monthly maintenance:


This meeting will help you review and settle  the work done in the 8 step personal growth program, to strengthen the commitment to yourself and to maintain habits  internally and externally. 


This coach will help you:


- Review your progress and celebrate your achievements


- Establish appropriate goals for the next month and keep your focus


- Receive guidance and support regarding the challenges that are presented to you



This session will allow you to develop perseverance and self-discipline, you will be given guidelines and tools that will help you remain committed to your ideals.
Facilitated by Birgit Hefler via Miami personally or by telephone to residents outside of Miami.



This session is designed to provide monthly support after completing the program, "Shift your focus and shift your life"


Is recommended that you do this one session per month.


Contact us for an appointment:


Duration: 1hr 30min

Price: $ 140