Your Life.

8 Steps of Transformation to Create a New Self:

Once you've come to see yourself as the architect of your own life, rather than as the victim of circumstance, then you can begin to build your dream- one that requires your passion, your persistence, and a belief in yourself that you are really worthy of having your dream come true. 

At this stage you devote to identifying your strengths and talents with love.

Being aware of your strengths and abilities will help you regain your self-esteem, personal power and enthusiastically focus on the blessings in your life and in the great future potential that awaits you.

Take back your creative power will fill you with vitality and desire to move towards a new vision. 

Step 6:
Designing Your Life Vision Consciously


Your dream will not happen from the mind that doesn't believe it's possible, or the mind that is convinced that conditions have to change before you can get there. The conditions never change first. The conditions change because our thinking changed. 

Re-structure each of your life areas and design your ideal vision consciously.

Learn to see, to recognize and know how to claim effectively what you really want. Receive practical collaboration tools to help make a clear and powerful method of approach that will help you remain focused on your vision and raise the outlook of your highest being.

In this phase you will learn to shift your focus, to transform destructive beliefs and replace them with your beliefs of power, harmony, joy and integrity.

You will use simple and powerful techniques to reprogram your mind and help your subconscious to heal and co-crete a New You .

Step 7: 
Anchoring Your Dream For Increasing Results

You will establish a concrete plan for the next 5 months for each of your life areas. This plan will serve as a practical guide to achieving the ideals of your being as previously viewed.
It's your time to get out of the comfort zone laying concrete and practical purposes to be taken to the implementation and realization of your inner desires.

Who you become as a result of consciously taking this journey will enable  you to embark on one dream after another.  Building a dream, no matter which stage you are in, opens you more and more to living a life of amplified aliveness.  This natural feeling rises up in you more and more frequently as you stay true to this course.  You will grow more and more into the person who is the person you are to be, and you'll harvest your dreams again and again throughout the journey of your life.


Step 8:
Monthly Plan

In this final step you further refine your ability to create a solid foundation to keep you connected with the purpose of your true essence. You will perform a monthly plan where you establish clearly your purpose for that month. 

You will receive the tools and practical guides that will teach you how to keep your resolutions month to month, how to recognize your progress and how to identify obstacles encountered during this period. This stage will be set for you to persevere and develop for yourself the discipline and determination, you will need to keep you strong and to overcome any challenges in the road ahead and keep you moving forward toward the future that you so deserve...Living Happily in the Present!