• Why Yoga?

  • Yoga keeps you healthy

  • Builds greater flexibility

  • Improves posture and spinal alignment

  • Increases muscular strength

  • Contributes to weight loss

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Yoga keeps you sane

  • Better improves concentration and mental clarity

  • Increases energy

  • Reduces stress and anxiety levels

  • Improves overall well being and mood


To Be Happy we must learn to treat: the subject - ourselves (through Yoga), the object - others (through Tantra), and the circumstances (through Gyan Yoga). The integration of the three wisdoms is Shri Vivek Yoga. The techniques used  are: postures, breathing, kriyas, bandhas, movement, expression, clearing the chakras, and mantras. Shri Vivek yoga is not just the science about physical exercises, breathing and relaxation. Yoga is a way of living which leads to our innermost core. It is a path of personal growth for those who are searching for joy and satisfaction in their lives. 

Shri Vivek Yoga is under the guidance and blessing of self-realized Master Shri Guruji Swami Vivekananda. This transmission is a SHRI VIVEK YOGA COACH.

How does Shri Vivek Yoga teach us to get to know ourselves?

The first step is the physical body. Through the postures (asanas) it helps us to become more conscious of our body. With regular practice of asanas, we begin to discover how our bodies feel and how it is constantly expressing itself but we do not listen. We learn to observe and in observing we discover which body parts are expressing and in what way: through tension, stiffness, pain, fatigue, etc.. Asanas restore our body's natural health freeing of all these tensions and rigidities through movements. These movements stretch the muscles, making them more flexible and gently toning,  stimulate the internal organs, glands and nerves ensuring perfect function and move stagnant toxins out of the body tissues. That is, the asanas helps us relax and not only heal the body but also to prevent imbalances and maintain a state of perfect health.


Through breathing techniques (Pranayamas) we increase our energy helping the mind to relax. When the mind is relaxed we can see our life and our needs clearly. 


In a peaceful state of mind we can observe our thoughts and separate from them. The thoughts are imbued with prejudices, beliefs, ideas, etc.., and we live attached to them without even being aware, this attachment is the limitation that prevents us to being in a complete state of self awareness.


Through the techniques of Kundalini yoga and Tantra we awake the dormant energy to nourish our brain and neurological system, and thus be able to receive and understand the energy and wisdom that is within us. That energy and wisdom allows us to grow to become observers of our thoughts without identifying with them.   At the moment we are aware of this process of paradoxical mind, we take real control of our lives. Now our minds are free and able to concentrate deeply, realize their power and use it in our favor. The free mind glows and that glow is what  gives us the clarity to recognize who we really are; illuminates the soul, who is our true Self.


Yoga is a path of self realization which is attained through self-knowledge. Self realization means total satisfaction; self knowledge means to know what we want, to recognize the need of every single moment. 


Yoga is a science which needs to be experienced in order to be understood. It is not only the process of learning and acquiring the knowledge, but it is the life itself. It is a way of life. Only throught living it you can transmit it further. Since thousands of years yogis in India have been living according to Yoga. Teaching and constantly transmitting wisdom from generations to generations. In the west this living tradition does not exist, therefore it is extremely important that we find and choose an authentic Master. A Master who will be our Guide on our way to self-realization and self-knowledge. 



Yoga is a science that must be experienced to understand it, is not only to be studied but to live it and only living it can it be transmitted.  It is a way of life!

- Shri Guruji Swami Vivekanada - 










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